April 10, 2018 

Had a great day out and about yesterday…left the Manor with 8 places on my list of things to see and had to take 2 of those 8 off the list but ended up stopping at 12 different places before getting back to the hotel!  It was cold because it was so windy but the temperature was 50 at one point…it was supposed to be a high of 44 and all clouds but it ended up being warmer and sunny until the end of the day and sadly it was almost 100% clouds by the time sunset rolled around but overall a beautiful day to be out and about. I am really surprised given all the stops I made that I didn’t quite make two miles according to my FitBit!  

Because I got a late start my first planned stop was to be a restaurant but when I got there is was closed because their season has not started yet. (The second place I attempted to eat at was also closed but I did find someplace…I have photos!) I went a little beyond that restaurant and found a lovely little unnamed beach. 

Driving down the road to the second restaurant I planned to go to I saw that there was a small park – Montauk County Park/Shagwong Point.  I only took a few pictures but also saw a sign which announced the number of collisions with deer last year…turns out those signs are all over the area yet I never saw a deer in any of my travels.  Would have loved to have seen a deer…from a distance! Interesting that I live in an area where there are deer not to mention traveling in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, upstate New York, etc and this is the first time I have seen a sign like this!  The only place I have ever actually seen deer on the road was in Utah last year! 

After determining that my second lunch choice was also closed I went to the parking lot next door and spent a few minutes taking some shots from the Gosman Dock area.  This is on the other side of that unnamed beach.  

Hunger was definitely setting in at this point so on to the next place on my list.  I had seen this listed on TripAdvisor and it is big with the locals but parking is limited and it is on a dead end road where there are limited places to turn around.  I had to get in a “waiting line” for a parking spot but it was worth the wait just to enjoy the humor of the place though the food was good too…or I was just so hungry anything would have tasted good!  One negative about this place though…an employee came out of the kitchen to use the men’s room (I was about 8′ away from there) and he came back out without washing his hands!!!!  I was so glad I had finished my meal at this point but it has to make you wonder!!  EWWWWWW! This place is called “The Dock.” 

Tummy full it was time to move onto my first real planned stop of the day…The Montauk Point State Park and Montauk Point Lighthouse.  What a lovely spot though the lighthouse was closed you could walk the grounds and I did what I seldom do…took a walk down to the beach.  It was very rocky and no one was around. After awhile I was nervous I would turn an ankle on the rocks so I ended up climing a pretty steep hill to get back on solid ground though I had to shortly climb another steep hill to get back up to the parking lot…phew!  

One of the things I spotted walking down to the beach was this area out in the water that was all black.  I got excited thinking it was seals but alas it was a huge grouping of birds.  Couldn’t tell even with my telephoto lens what kind of birds they were and they never left where they were.  

Great assortment of rocks and shells though. I spotted the gulls as I was walking back to the car.  

My next stop was unplanned…I pulled over because a truck was tailgating me and I wanted to get out of his way…it turned out to be the Oyster Pond Overlook.  A large parking lot…the only other thing in that parking lot was a pair of sneakers set next to each other…got to say that pair of sneakers kind of gave me the creeps while making me feel a little sad too about who left behind sneakers and why?  There was a trail off the parking lot but that didn’t help explain why the sneakers were left behind.  There was also a sign warning about ticks…I must have seen at least 20 of those throughout the day and did my best to stay out of grassy areas and on pavement.  

Another unplanned stop as I was moving onto my next planned stop…I was driving by some stables and saw a very large number of horses…I had to just pull over and take a couple pictures with the window down.  

Planned destination!!  Ditch Plains Beach…I had read about this on TripAdvisor but I had not seen any reviews mentioning the multi-colored sand!  Beautiful and I managed to capture some of the sand glistening in the sun…hope you can see it in the pictures.  What an amazing spot! I got a kick out of the sign advising there is no lifeguard, the beach hours, the fact there is no swimming allowed except during those hours, the maximum capacity of 499…really? it is a very large beach and who is going to go out there and count how many people are on the beach??….oh, and though it says you can swim during the hours noted it also says swimming is prohibited because there is no lifeguard…hmmmm! 

The next stop was also unplanned but necessary because I was being tailgated again but it was a good stop…small parking lot with a placque announcing the Hither Plain Reservation and a sign announcing the Montauk Ocean Beach.  Lovely beach and looking off to the left I could see the Ditch Plains Beach I had just left way off in the distance. And across the street…a lovely little beach home!  🙂 

I am torn as to whether or not my favorite place visited was Ditch Plains Beach or my next stop.  I put this destination on my list because all the reviews I read on TripAdvisor said this was the best place to go to hike to Walking Dunes…I really wanted to see Walking Dunes.  From what I read the “walk” a few feet each year because of the wind blowing them…however, when I got there I looked at the map (in a covered box at the trailhead) and it was at least a mile in walking in the sand and of course that means a mile out also and I knew I would be in a lot pain with my hip before I got there so I decided not to risk it because there was no one around and I would have had to have left my car.  When I was taking pictures down on the beach a police office did stop to make sure I was all set…I watched him leave because this is a single lane road that ends in a sand dune in front and drops down to the beach to the left…there is no place to turn around as it turns out until you drive in reverse for almost .2 miles!!  That was fun and though I didn’t see the walking dunes, it was a beautiful spot!  

Next planned stop was Hither Hills State Park…where I decided to enter had the beach entrance closed off with fencing.  This is however an extremely large state park with camping, the beach, a snack bar/bath house, restrooms, a place where you can rent umbrellas and a playground.  I was getting pretty worn out at this point so I didn’t mind that I couldn’t access the beach…I took a few pictures and moved on. You will see one thing very odd in the photos but I just had to take it anyway…it is nailed to the sign that says “Keep off the dunes”…what is it???  

Headed to Navy beach for sunset…though it had been getting cloudier as the afternoon progressed I was hopeful for a nice sunset.  The hotel had said this was one of the nicer places to go to see sunset and Tripadvisor reviews noted this was a great place to sip a glass of wine and watch the sunset (though I knew it was closed for the season and did not need the wine).  Strange that there were signs all over the place announcing it was private property and there were condos under construction, there was the building where when open during the season you could go to have a drink…you just had to go through private property with signs indicating they didn’t want you there in order to get there!  I went to both sides of the private property…on the left side there were 4 young men skeet shooting…one of the kids was tossing the skeet up in the air…watched that for awhile.  Looked like fun! 

And at the end of this long day it was time to head back to the Manor! Driving back from Navy Beach I could see Montauk Manor off in the distance so when I got back there I walked over to a little patio area and could look back down on Navy Beach.  I also captured the end of the day and a little bit of the Manor reflecting in the roof of my car!  Nice way to end a beautiful day than with that beautiful image!   

And before I close the blog for the day I want to post some random pictures from the day…the first picture is of a single family home (huge!) that is on that single lane road down to Napeague Harbor…lovely little spot for privacy!  Then we have a picture of “rush hour” traffic in Montauk….hahaha…it is about 5:30 at that point and I was the only car around!  We have a shot of the Manor from the road from Navy Beach…a few other random shots, a dirt road that the navigation system sent me down when I was looking for Navy Beach…I went down about 3/4 of a mile before the system realized it sent me in the wrong direction…scary! The picture with the bus and us stopped while it let kids out…it was 5:51 PM when the kids got off the bus…long, long school day!!  And the last one is a placque that is by the elevator here at the manor.  The Manor is part of the historical society but it doesn’t explain what Colonel Roosevelt had to do with the Manor!? 

Well, if you stayed with me to this point I thank you very much!!  It was a long day and I had a lot to share.  There are also pictures posted on my Facebook Page – KMG Photography that are not posted here if you are curious and would like to see those also.  Tomorrow is a travel day though I do not have to be at the Orient Point Ferry until 4:30.  I do hope to stop and check out a few places on my drive to the ferry.  

                  “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

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