All around Mackinaw City MI

May 18, 2018 

My first full day in Mackinaw City and it was kind of a down day after all that traveling…I find on days when I drive over 4 hours, even with stops along the way, I am going to have to take a down day the next day…often not leaving my room but doing this allows my body to heal and enjoy the rest of my travels!  I have to listen to my body.  But…I did manage to get a few pictures…you know, gulls sunning themselves on the lounge chairs, strutting their stuff, taking a brief swim, chatting with each other, and geese preening.  I took a picture of the fire pit to see if it was actually being used and it was…some time after I feel asleep at 10 PM there had been a fire because when I woke in the morning there was nothing but charred wood and ash.  

In my blog world I am now waking and getting busy for my day and it is May 12th.  I explored quite a bit of the area. I started the day at McGulpin Point Rock…in some areas it felt like I was in the Caribbean…the water was just so crystal blue! Going down the hill to the parking area…use caution and pay attention because if you get distracted you will find yourself in the lake!  Just about every place you go in Mackinaw City you are going to see the Mackinac Bridge and this spot includes the bridge.  It is 5 miles of beauty in engineering skills!   

My next stop was right up the hill to the McGulpin Point Lighthouse…it was not open to go inside and explore but I love lighthouses, even if you can’t go in and I am guessing unlike some of the lighthouses I have seen this one doesn’t have a spiral staircase you could climb to the top, it is a beauty. Oh…I should warn you-I bought a Lensball last year and haven’t had much opportunity to use it but I did this day…there is one whole grouping of images I dedicated to the Lensball!  Only one here though and sad I wasn’t paying attention when I took the shot and got that big oil stain in the image!    

Next stop was the Alexander Henry Park but it was a brief pass through on the way to the Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse then on to Michilimackinac State Park.  I took a walk under the bridge to get a few shots because…if you can, you have to! These areas are all close together so I parked near the Alexander Henry Park and walked through all of them and back again…did 3 miles this day and while that may not be much to some it is a lot for me!  The parks were pretty much empty the whole time I was there and then all of a sudden a large group of kids came out of no where and started skipping stones in the water…time to move on!  

I moved onto the Gary R Williams Memorial Park…where there was a mini-iceberg surrounding a metal buoy…never did find an explanation on what that was all about but it was a cool vision and then the WaWatam Park…both of these places were on my bucket list for sunset/blue hour images and they did not disappoint…though that is later today.  🙂  I can’t find my images from WaWatam Park…must have accidentally put them in another folder…oh well, you will see them by sunset later…and of course, both of these places include views of the “Mighty Mac” 

A few images of the Mackinaw City Pier…which includes a Coast Guard Cutter which you can tour…I did not since there was way too much else to see! Found the WaWatam Park images…they were in with the Pier images…last 4 here are WaWatam Park…images of the bridge, a cool rock that looks like a fish was embedded in it and a placque.  

 Next I moved on to Headlands International Dark Sky Park…I read quite a few things that said this would be one of the best spots in the area for sunset shots and I wanted to check it out.  It is a lovely place but way too isolated for my comfort level at night potentially by myself and cell service was minimal when I was there…hence, my two back up spots where there were plenty of people. The images of the characters represented different planets and stars and included 2 stories beside each of them…I have not included the stories in the interest of saving space but you should be able to Google Headlands in order to see more about this. Not sure why but there is grass growing on the roof of the building. The two images with the very colorful pictures are representing Earth.    

 After leaving Headlands I did a quick drive through Heritage Village which represents life in the past, similar to Sturbridge Village or Plymouth Plantation which are around where I live, except here other than a caretaker who stopped by the church while I was taking a picture there were no other people. I loved that the house had the quarantine sign for the small pox…now that hundreds of years have passed and most of us don’t have to worry about that anymore!   

Before sharing my sunset and blue hour images I want to share some images from around the area…this farm was near or part of the Heritage Village…not sure what that bird is but I thought maybe an ostrich?  That brown and white horse…just lifted its left rear leg and started using its hoof to scratch its belly! That very large structure…a single family home undergoing some major renovations…on the water, near the Old Mackinac Light and Bridge!  Then we have a gull flying, a sail catching the wind, Weinerlicious (yep, that is the name), a man brave enough to find and wear lime green shoes to match his lime green shirt, a fast ferry and some fighting gulls…although my sister says they are kissing, not fighting and the shadow on one of the images forms a heart which backs up her opinion that they are kissing!  Okay…

Ok…I mentioned the Lensball mania…here goes though I am only going to post half of them…if you are curious and want to see more go check out my KMG Photography page on Facebook, it is public and you don’t have to friend me to see them…I try not to put the same images in both places though some are. These images are both upside down and upside right.  🙂  

I went back to the hotel for a few hours, loaded pictures and edited some before heading back out for sunset and the blue hour…my first stop was at the WaWatam Park before moving onto the Gary R Williams Memorial Park.  When I was at the WaWatam Park there was a gentleman waiting for 9 PM…I got there at 8:50 PM.  A fireman had died and was laid to rest today…final call was being done for him around the lake and this gentleman was carrying a walkie talkie so all could hear final call and he had a recorder so it could be recorded. I paused all photos for a moment of silence as final call went out. The gentleman quietly walked away before I could ask the firefighters name.  Rest in peace!  

I took over 100 images of sunset and blue hour between these two spots…I kept about 58 but in the interest of saving space, I am only sharing 14.  I hope you enjoy sunset and the blue hour as much as I did!  I met some very fun/funny people out here.  The Mom came back from Detroit to visit her childhood and share it with her adult teen children.  I spent some good time with them!  Getting close to 10 PM and I still need to find dinner!

Dinner found…I walked into an Irish Pub but I somehow ended up in the Dixie Saloon.  There was an older gentleman sitting across from me when I sat down and he was finishing his meal…turned out he was the “bouncer/security”.  🙂  I got there just before 10 PM and I actually closed the place…I think it has been at least 35 years since I closed any place!  Kind of felt young again…hahaha! The waitress/bartender was very friendly and pleasant…she offered great suggestions for dinner and it didn’t disappoint!  Didn’t catch her name though…too bad!  If you stop in sometime look for the lovely blond bartender but watch out for security!  

 And that ends this day…tomorrow I head over to Mackinac Island on Shepler’s Ferry…no cars allowed and I will be doing a horse and buggy ride with Carriage Tours around the island.  For now, I am taking a break with a few more Tylenol to help the pain in my neck since the two I took a few hours ago haven’t done much to help. Thank you for traveling along with me and be sure to tell your family and friends to join me to…the more the merrier!                           

                           “The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have.” – Anna Quindlen



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