Today’s road trip will take you to Cape Breton NS among other places…

June 23rd and I am up and out the door fairly early…well, fairly early for me.  My nephew was tracking my trip and saw I was fairly close to Cape Breton and said going there for a day trip was a must-do.  Turns out it is but there is so much to see and do up there that I was wishing I could stay longer.  I may need to go back there some day and I certainly encourage others to go and visit!  Again, my stops throughout the day may not necessarily be posted in the order of when I visited.  

One of my first posts of the evening is going to be a few animals I saw in my travels.  I labeled the folder “a duck, some cows and a horse.”  However, the duck is somewhat unrecognizable because it is head under the water and butt in the air…diving for dinner!  I am going to post it anyway.  The horse is unusual in that it appears to have a black & blue eye…there is a patch around part of one eye – almost like a birthmark but blue…the halter it is wearing matches the birthmark around its eye.  You’ll see!

The next stop I am going to share with you was brief…the fishing village of Bayfield and Bayfield Beach Provincial Park. The reason I originally left the highway to find this spot was because I saw a sign for a lighthouse…I never did find the lighthouse but I went down to the waterfront and saw another spot where the fisherman not out at sea sitting around a table playing cards…this time they were not paying attention to me and I did take a picture…I like the camaraderie in this image.   

A stop before crossing into Cape Breton (an island) was in Cansco…the Cansco Causeway is what links Cape Breton to the mainland.  Again, I wanted to check this quaint little village out because I saw a sign for a lighthouse, the North Cansco Lighthouse.  Again, I did not spend a lot of time here.  It was almost noon and I wanted to find somewhere for lunch before traveling further into Cape Breton…I did see an eagle while eating my lunch and the waitress told me there were two trees slightly up the highway that were home to several eagles.  I did see two more flying around after lunch but sadly I could not get close enough to get a decent picture though I did keep one that I will post.  Oops…I combined two stories into one and since there are only a few pictures of the lighthouse I will include pictures of my lunch stop also. The restaurant is the Lobster Galley in Baddeck NS…definitely worth the stop and though I can not remember her name, the waitress was so wonderfully pleasant, sociable, helpful and just plain nice!   

Next set of pictures to get posted with be the Low Point Lighthouse and the surrounding beach area in New Victoria, Cape Breton, NS.  The lighthouse is at the eastern entrance to Sydney Harbor. The town of Sydney was about as far as I was able to go into Cape Breton because I wanted to explore Sydney a bit and it was going to take hours to get back to Antigonish. I had no set place to go the next day so I’m not quite sure why I didn’t decide to stay…oh yeah, my luggage and computer was still in Antigonish so I guess that is why I decided I had to go back.

Next up are some random pictures I took traveling from Baddeck to Sydney.  Some interesting things were out there…some strange, some beautiful, and some funny. You just never know what you may encounter during a road trip! 

 Next up is the beautiful city of Sydney and the Big Fiddle.  The Fiddle is a ten ton tribute to the folk music and traditions of the province’s Celtic community.  It was designed and constructed by Cyril Hearn, the fiddle and the bow reach a height of 60 feet and can be seen by the incoming cruise ships in the harbour. Made of solid steel, the giant fiddle was dubbed FIDHEAL MHOR A’ CEILIDH or the “Big Fiddle of the Ceilidh”. Ceilidh is a Gaelic word which translates into “visit”. It is supposed to be the largest fiddle in the world.  It is located outside the cruise ship terminal.  Perhaps some day you will take a cruise that will bring you into this port and you can enjoy this in person.  Or take the drive…it will refresh you!  

After visiting this town and the Big Fiddle it was time to head back to Antigonish and a little dinner before settling in for the night.  Tomorrow is a new day, new travels, new hotel!  I did get an interesting dinner at the place across the street from the motel (I will won’t honor it by calling it a hotel or inn any longer!).  Dinner was at the infamous Mother Webb’s Steakhouse.  It was quite crowded when I arrived and is definitely not a place that requires to “dress appropriately!” Food was good though and my waitress was quite pleasant…some of the other staff that stopped by the table was a bit less friendly but that may have had to do with the volume of customer’s there.  I also got a nice sunset before crawling under the covers for the night.  

This ends today’s travel.  We will be moving on tomorrow.  I believe the nights stay will be in Moncton NS but there will be stops along the way including the previously mentioned Parrsboro…where my family and (first) ex-husband’s family lived before venturing into the States. 

                                “Wherever you go, go with all your heart!” – Confucius

Please visit my website and check out my travel photos which are for sale.  If you have any questions or want something that you don’t see posted there, please contact me through that website.  See you in our travels!


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