Tour of Saint John & a tour of Reversing Falls

I used Viator to book the tour of Saint John.  This was a great tour that covered a great deal of the area over a 3.5-4 hour period of time and in addition to me there were only 6 other travelers.  I got to sit shotgun with the tour guide since I was the only single on the tour.  One of the places we went during the tour were the Reversing Falls.  I enjoyed the short time we were there so much I checked Viator when I got back to the hotel to see if I could book an additional tour for just this.  As it turned out, the boat for the tour was right outside my hotel and they could squeeze me in on the 4:00 tour.   Two tour kind of day! Both tour guides were very pleasant and knowledgeable sharing information about the area even if it was not a part of the tour.  Both were willing to answer any question we threw at them. On the land tour we visited the Bay of Fundy in several places, St Martins, Rockwood Park, Reversing Falls & the the Market Place.  The Market Place was an indoor hodge podge of food, clothes, kitschy tourist stuff, a bakery, a deli, a small ice cream shop (really good ice cream!) etc.  A fun place to be and it had a staircase that pretty much lead to nowhere but a manager’s office and a landing where you could take pictures of pretty much the entire market.  We went to visit a cemetery and walked around a bit while the guide shared some history.  Unfortunately we had to move on because we needed to get to Reversing Falls by a set time due to the time of the tides. Two additional stories here…in one of the pictures you will see a rock with white marbling.  The tour guide told us about (and had us collect) rocks with the white or green marbling.  He said if you make a wish on one of these rocks and it comes true, you should pass the rock along to someone you feel needs a wish to come true.  I found a lot of rock and had more than enough to share with everyone when I got home but my granddaughter was the only one who wanted a rock to wish on and she said she would pass it along if she got her wish.  I’ll have to remember to check with her to see if she still has her rock or if she passed it on…Lord knows the girl gets every wish she ever made to come true!  And this is folklore that has a name but I can’t remember what it is!  The other story (scroll down until you see my hand holding a gigantic lobster claw) involves the guide traveling on a scuba/fishing trip and catching a 25 lb lobster.  The lobster claw is huge but was it really a 25 lb lobster?  Hmmm…   

 In the first picture below (this is actually from the actual Reversing Falls tour, not part of the Saint John tour) are fishing shacks along the river that people actually live in.  They don’t look very safe to me!  

Once back from the Saint John’s tour (I forgot…the name was Fundy Coast to Fundy Shore Tour) I have about 30 minutes of down time before heading down to the boat for the water tour out to the Reversing Falls.  I think I saw better versions of the Falls from shore than from the boat but I would still do that tour again. Here are some of the pictures from the boat tour.  

After returning from the boat tour I had dinner, went and visited the Saint John Art Center across from the hotel, walked the deck around the hotel for a bit, got a sunset picture and headed back to my room.  Tomorrow I check out of the hotel and take a ferry over to Digby.  After spending the day there (it started raining as I was waiting for the ferry back to Saint John and was pouring by the time I got to my hotel!) I came back to Saint John to spend the night at Hampton Inn on the other side of Saint John.  More about Digby and my last evening in Saint John tomorrow.  

I hope I have enticed you to go visit Saint John.  It is a wonderful city with lots to see and do.  Come back tomorrow and enjoy Digby and my last night in Saint John before I head to the border crossing in St Stephen and cross over into Maine.

          “When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.” – Susan Heller

If you see something you like here check out my website.  If it is not there, contact me through the website, let me know what you would like and I will let you know how I may be able to accommodate you.  Thanks for traveling with me!



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