From Rangely to Rumford to Waterbury OH MY!

The drive from Rangely to Waterbury (when I looked at the map it seemed like a good stopping point…if I want to see things along the way I try to keep my drive time between overnight stops between 3.5-4 hours) is supposed to be 3.5 hours without stops.  I of course needed to do a lot tour of the Rangely area before moving on and leave time to stop and enjoy life along the way if some place caught my interest. My step-sister told me I needed to check out the Rangely Overlook…that is where my step-Mom’s ashes had been spread.  Of course that would be a must do stop!  While there a couple motorcycles pulled in to enjoy the view. One of the guys some very cool braids.  In order to get to the Overlook I needed to go through town.  I had walked it the day before but I didn’t have my camera so I got the pictures going out…I loved the wooden carved lumberjack on the pole!  The large blue house below is the Rangely Inn & Tavern.  I have no idea what a “Dirt Church” is but the sign where it was surrounded by the hanging bikes intrigued me.   

 My next stop as I was driving away was a very crowded rest area with a waterfall.  On this really hot day everyone wanted to be near or in the water.  There were also several photographers in the water with their tripods setting up creative shots.  I took some video of one guy and what he was doing but the message I received when trying to load was that it is not supported so no video!  I couldn’t see a sign when I first saw a huge collection of cars parked down below the road and when I got a little further up I saw the sign for Small Falls.  Again, I don’t hike so I might not have seen all that could be seen but I did see a small series of falls so I did walk down to a small bridge that went over the Sandy River so I could enjoy the pool of water that formed under the small series of falls I could see. I read later that the total series of falls was 54′ so I definitely did not see all of it. I played with different settings on the camera to try for different effects on the waterfall.  I also changed some of the images to black & white during processing for a different look.  Note the woman with the umbrella was a part of the shoot one of the photographers was doing.  It was a lovely spot on a really hot day!    

 Another stop along the way was in Bryon, ME.  I had to get off the road I was on in search of a restroom and I drove past the J. Eugene Boivin Park. This is a lovely park dedicated to Edmund Muskie, Senator from the area but also to Mr. Boivin.  I don’t remember much more that I had read about the area but the falls and metal sculptures dedicated to the American Indians were great to walk around and enjoy.  Close by was a Paul Bunyon and Blue statue…Great area for a quick stop. And I lucked out on this hot day…there was a food truck that was selling ice cold drinks in the parking lot. 

 The next stop was when driving through the town of Bryon, ME.  I never did see an actual “downtown” area but there was a small school/library across the road from a small waterfall.  Nice little area to get into the water to cool off and there were quite of people who decided to stop and do this.  It is Sunday, July 1 leading into up to the Fourth of July so likely many people are on vacation and visiting the area. The falls here were Angel Falls.    

Except for a quick stop on the side of the road for a picture of the Hiker’s Hut sign (I had seen a few of the signs in my travel and thought it was cool that there were places out there for hikers to take a quick shower, get a quick bite to eat and a place to sleep if needed for a night.  The rest of the day I continued onto Waterbury, VT.  I pulled over once I got in town realizing it was nearing the Fourth of July to see what I could find for a room over the next few days.  I was able to get a room in Waterbury for 2 nights and Bennington for 2 nights.  This stop in Bennington would allow me to get home on July 5th…not that I had to be home by a particular date but I did want to spend the extra night in Bennington because I knew they were having Fourth of July fireworks. For my VT stops I ended up getting reservations at the Best Western…no Hilton’s in the area.  In Waterbury it was recommended I eat at the Blackback Pub…good recommendation.  It was busy my first night in town and the only seat available without waiting was a seat at the bar.  Eating at the bar was permissible and the bartender was very friendly so that is where I chose to sit.

Waking up on July 2nd I checked out what there might be going on in the area and opted to take a down day to stay in my room or sit in the chair outside my door and read.  There was a grocery store behind the hotel so I picked up a few things I could have for lunch that would not require cooking and settled in.  I did go back to the Blackback Pub for dinner.  When you find something you like, why explore?

When I woke up the morning of the 3rd I was feeling very refreshed and relaxed after my wonderful down day. I didn’t have a plan other to head for Bennington.  I had stayed here a number of times in the past so there really was nothing other than the fire works I felt I really needed to see.  I guess now as a travel blogger I should have thought of you and gone out exploring so you could get to see the area!  Ben & Jerry’s as well as the Vermont Teddy Bear place (and skiing at the right time of the year) are the big draws in my mind though there certainly is plenty else to do! Off to the Best Western I go. I did find myself a diner once I got to town…The Blue Benn Diner was a very good find!  I also went by a place called the Tuscan Sunflower and they had a very cool “motorcycle” moose out front! 

Because I opted to take the Fourth of July as a down day until it was time to head out to find a place to park for the fireworks I am going to post the fireworks now…July 5th is all about heading home from Bennington VT through Wilmington VT and down into MA on the way to my house.  I will post the pictures from that drive here also.  I did manage to stay home for a few weeks before heading out again.  When I write tomorrow we will start with that trip though it was only a one night stay in the Old Orchard Beach ME area…that will be a very short post. 

     Good morning July 5th.  Time to hit the road south for home!

                                                                “To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.”                                                                      – Bill Bryson


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