One day visiting several beaches…CT

My friend…actually, most people I know…is an “up and at it kind of person”.  I am more of an “allow me to wake up for the next hour or two, have a cup of coffee and then maybe I will be ready to do something” kind of person. When you are paying to stay some place the typical traveler wants to get out early and see as much as they can while they are there…me too except my idea of getting out early is anywhere from 11-1.  This works for me when I am traveling alone but when I am with someone I can somewhat adjust and compromise on my idea of early vs theirs.  My friend wanted nothing more than to get out and go to the beach.  We went to Long Beach & Seaside Park. We sat on the beach an hour or so on the hot August morning we decided we needed to find another beach.  We moved on to Seaside Park and an area close by…we stayed here for a couple hours until the horseflies chased us away.  This place was cool though because the tide was out and you could walk way out…as long as you were paying attention so you could get back before the tide came in.  On the very far side of the beach where the private property beach area was there was a giant blow up Flamingo floating tube…I have a friend who LOVES flamingos so I took my phone out into the water as close as I could go to the private beach area and got a got a picture to post for her. 

After hours of fun in the sun we went back to the hotel to clean up to go out to dinner…for my birthday!  Before heading out to dinner we went out on the deck to enjoy a glass of cocktail.  It was a lovely early evening on the deck. The restaurant of choice this evening was Knapp’s Landing.  The sun was beginning to set when we parked and we decided to dine outside so we could enjoy sunset and the water surrounding us.

          “And then there is the most dangerous risk of all — the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.” – Randy Komisar

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