A full day enjoying the WA countryside…

Good morning in both blog world and the real world!  I had absolutely no plan of what to see when I landed here last night except I wanted to cross over in WA so this morning while eating breakfast I checked TripAdvisor and my rGPS app to see what there was to do around here.  Off I went into the WA countryside looking for places no one would likely think to go…and as it turns out I went around in circles several times and was beginning to feel like a local because I was recognizing several spots. 

My first stop in my exploration was a barn…a barn that someone had painted “Go Cougs” on…seems a little silly now but it was the first thing that showed up when I checked the rGPS app.  Big Cougar fans here!  Washington State Cougars that is!  This lovely spot, if you should ever desire to go find it yourself, is in Othello WA.  

Another planned stop was the Palouse Farm in Colfax WA aka Palouse Knot Barn where they do private events.  There was a function going on the day I stopped by so I could not get an image like the one shown on the rGPS app.  There were cars everywhere! This appears to be a perfect spot for a function if you live in the area. The image I wanted was the part of the barn with the silo and the orange pick-up truck.  I got the truck but all the cars parked around it took away from what I wanted.  

There were two other things I wanted to find but was not able to but I completely enjoyed the countryside while I was looking…not a heck of a lot out here but beautiful wide open space! I left Colfax a different way than I entered…I left through town.  Colfax turned itself into a Breast Cancer Town since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the chiefs wife found out the year before she had breast cancer…crosswalks are painted pink, there are pink flags flying, and the town was decorated for Halloween…with pink pumpkins.  This is a beautiful story of a town coming together for one of their own.  If you would like to know more about this, click this link: 

From here, since I couldn’t find my other destinations I just enjoyed the drive back toward the hotel…as I mentioned it is beautiful out there…plenty of yellow grain filled open fields, homes that appear to have been abandoned long ago, farms with hundreds of acres and horses…beautiful horses!   

   And we end the day with a sunset…an amazing out in the middle of nowhere sunset!

 On the road again tomorrow for a few down days before I head into Vancouver, Canada.  Vancouver was an add on to my trip once I reached Seattle…I could have turned around and headed back home but I wasn’t ready and there was so much more to see…the primary reason my trip extended to 3 months! In the end, the reason I went home was because my daughter-in-law reminded me my granddaughter’s birthday was December 3rd and she was sad I might not be home for her birthday…but that is almost 2 months from now so let’s travel on!  

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See you on the road!

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