Long time no “see”…

Hello everyone…it is amazing how quickly time flies away!  I took some time off at the end of January because it was becoming difficult to travel and keep up with the blog and I had several more trips planned in between helping to care/spend time with my sister.  Next thing you know all hell breaks loose and we all go into quarantine!  I have a number of health issues so I have rarely left my home since early March but there is still a house full of people here so I kept coming up with things to do other than update my blog.  I do need to send a big shout out thank you to my 7 year old granddaughter for coming up with endless ways to keep herself and all of us amused and entertained with plays, shows, dance, etc!  She has been a lifesaver during all of this.  

I sincerely hope this virus has not affected you, your families or friends in a negative way and everyone is staying safe out there!  Please use caution out there until it is truly safe to resume a normal life!!  

I have to confess the confinement got to me earlier this week.  I had to go out for a medical appointment and on the way back I decided to stop at the #WaysideInnGristMill in Sudbury, MA to just walk around the property, take pictures and enjoy a beautiful spring day…one of the few nice days this past week.  It was glorious to walk around, get some exercise, enjoy this glorious historic location and aim my camera at many things that put many smiles on my face during the course of the time I was there.  Before I go back to posting about my I-90 Road-trip I would like to take a little time out here to post some of my favorites from my time at #WaysideInnGristMill.  It is a spectacular spot if you are ever in the area of Sudbury MA (suburb of Boston MA…maybe a 45 minute drive or less if you are staying in Boston and want to enjoy the quiet of a suburb!) area. There are a number of buildings on the property of the Grist Mill, the Wayside Inn is nearby and there is the chapel that has probably seen several thousand brides walk down the isle…the Martha-Mary Chapel.  Not too far away but not on the same stretch is the Wayside Country Store…my fondest memory of this location was when I was about 8 years old and my Uncle Archie and Gram brought us there….way back in the day when penny candy was still multiple candies for a penny…we would get somewhere between 10-25 cents each and press our noses up against the glass and pick out what we wanted…all put in a small paper bag for us to enjoy as we walked around and then drive back to Gram’s.  I did not go here the other day…last time I was there was about 3 years ago when one of my sister’s returned home from a temporary move to Oregon and we were looking for something to do nearby.  It hasn’t changed much since I was 8 and the candy was still there…alas, no longer available for purchase for a penny! 

So…here are a few of my favorites from the other day before I get back on the blog road out west!  

I am going to be moving on to the rest of my travels from west to east.  I hope you enjoyed this brief side trip to my neck of the woods during this time of worry, concern and sadness for what is going on, what has changed in our lives.  Stay safe out there!! 


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