On to Stillwater Oklahoma then Tulsa…

My last full day in Manhattan was a down day but I headed to Stillwater OK on November 3rd (in blog days) and was here for a few days which were also down days.  This is going to be a fairly boring post because other than a few stops I made on the way from Manhattan to Stillwater, some bales of hay decorated for Halloween and a sunset I just chilled out for a few days.

My go to hotel for these few days was of course a Hilton, in this case a Home 2 Suites because if I am going to stay some place for a few days I want to be comfortable.  Dinner that first night was not my favorite place to go to because I am not a fan of chain restaurants but it was close to the hotel so off I went…to Red Lobster.  The food…well, it was Red Lobster.

Feeling rested and refreshed it was time to move onto Tulsa.  I had a long list of things I wanted to see on the way here as well as when I got here…but first, a stop at Jimmy’s Egg for breakfast.  I went just because I liked the name but the food was good enough to drive here at any time just for breakfast…and inexpensive too!  

The rest of this post is not necessarily going to be in the order I saw things but I saw what I thought were some interesting stops…some found on TripAdvisor and some on the rGPS app.  The first I am posting is a stop at a historic RT 66 filling station in Luther OK.  

Another stop was in Arcadia, OK at a round barn and a “pop” shop.  I had only ever seen one round barn before in Vermont and I thought it was a one and only but since then have discovered it is not all that unusual though they still intrigue me. The “pop” shop has to be seen…unique in my travels and a great concept!  This is Pop’s Diner & Gas Station.  

Upon arriving in Tulsa, I checked out the RT 66 Village train and site, the Foodies abandoned diner, the Gilcrease Museum Indian Sculpture and a store advertising the sale of liquor, smoke and storage rental…with a very large martini glass!!!  🙂 Get your kicks on RT 66! 

These are all…with the exception of the martini glass, I just came upon that while at a stop light…sights I specifically wanted to see so what is posted below are just some general stops once I arrived in Tulsa of the area. I especially loved the flower mural at the end!   

I waited a bit too long today to try to find a place to stay so I ended up at the Travel Inn…a lovely spot to spend a couple nights and see a lovely sunset. 

I am taking another down day tomorrow before moving on to Springdale, Arkansas but before I move on there are a few other places in Tulsa I would like to check out so be sure to come back!  

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See you on the road!
                 “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” -Henry Miller 


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