On to Arkansas…

Up and out early to see what is in the area before moving on to AR.  I think I went pretty much with TripAdvisor suggestions of things to do on this portion of the trip.  I think I have said this before but I am not a religious person but churches fascinate me, all kinds of churches.  One item on my list was Oral Roberts University, the Prayer Tower and the Praying Hands sculpture that is on the grounds.  I actually was excited when I found out how close I was and wouldn’t have to drive out of my way to visit. I confess I had a very hard time finding the Praying Hands and was about to give up after driving what I thought was every square inch of the University property.  But my thought process was…it is 60′ tall…how can I not see it!!  I decided to head out the opposite end of the property from where I came in and low and behold…there is was! 

 Another church related stop that got my attention…because I am from the Boston area…was the Boston Avenue Methodist Church in Tulsa.  I could not get really good shots of it even from across the street in the parking lot because of the size, some construction and all the trees but it is a beautiful church and if you are in the area you should check it out. Can you image the money spent on houses of worship over the centuries and how many people that money could have housed, fed and clothed?  Okay…off my soapbox!    

I went out of my way for the next image because I was very curious…the Golden Driller.  I felt it had to be seen and off I went looking for it.  Again…at least 60′ tall and I almost missed it.  Yes…I have had my eyes checked but not until after I got back from this trip.  🙂  This guy is in Tulsa but in an opposite direction from where I was headed.  Worth it don’t you think?   

11 8 18 Golden Driller Tulsa OK (1 of 1)

The last place on my list on the way to Arkansas was Ed Galloway’s Totem Pole Park in Chelsea, OK.  This was noted on TripAdvisor and the rGPS app so really needed to see it.  Again, not a wasted trip.  Free and I was the only person around…perfect!  

This was my last schedule stop on the road to Springdale, AR but I did stop to take photos of a few things that interested me along the way.

Above church window…very cool! 

My stay for the next two nights was very nice…and weirdly my room was below ground level and when I looked out the windows I had to look up to see the shrubs.  The room was nice, clean, well appointed and the grounds like a small park.  Presenting the Inn at the Mill in Springdale, AR. The picture with the stone wall…my view out the window.   

 Dinner in town was at the Marketplace Grill.  When I first got there I was the only person in the place besides the employees and I had the whole dining room to myself.  As I was getting ready to leave a fairly large group came in but I completely enjoyed my solo dinner! As you can see from the receipt I decided to include…inexpensive for what I chose to have for dinner. 

One last image before I end this day…sunset in Springdale!  Tomorrow is a down day before I head on to Missouri.  Lots to see on the way there and once there.  You know there is no where I visited that I did not love…

See you on the road to MO!  

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See you on the road!

“Take only memories, leave only footprints.” – Chief Seattle

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