On to Missouri…

When I left my home back in September I had no plan other than to make my way over to Seattle, WA using the I-90 road trip as a guide.  Most of my travels were on I-90 though occasionally I traveled via Rt 20…I might do the Rt 20 road trip one of these days though as best I can tell it kind of runs parallel to I-90 and other things may win out.  I had no other plan other than I knew I did not want to take the same route home.  I decided about half way across the country that once I reached Seattle I was going to go up into Vancouver (had thought about Alaska but I’ve been there so that might be another trip) and head east through Canada but by the time I got to Calgary I decided to head back into Montana and enjoy Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, etc and wing it from there. I was in no hurry to go home until a conversation a few weeks from now with my daughter-in-law when she told me about a concern my granddaughter had….that Grams was gone so long she might not make it back in time for her birthday at the beginning of December.  Well…that sped things up a bit because I didn’t want to let her down after being told she was assured Grams would make it back! 

Anyway, time to get back on the road heading toward Missouri.  There are still things on my list of things to see and it is time to head to stop #1.  I pulled out my travel book to help post these in the order I visited though it appears I did not write all my stops in the book…they will be partially in some kind of order anyway! 

Before my first stop I have to take you to breakfast at Susan’s World Famous Breakfast!  The parking lot was jammed, the place was quite busy but it is so worth the stop! 

My first stop was at the War Eagle Mill & Bridge in Rogers,R.  Beautiful spot with a lot of history and the first place I stopped at where there were a lot of people and somewhat difficult to find a parking spot.  It was certainly understandable to me once I parked why everyone wanted to be there.  Inside and out was quite the stop. 

This post is not in the book but memory tells me it is on the other side of the bridge so here goes…it is in the town of Beaver, AR…a jail got my attention.  

11 10 18 Red Bud Valley AR (7 of 7)

Also in Beaver, AR is the Little Golden Gate Bridge…a lovely bridge!

Next up in the section of Beaver, AR I was in is Table Rock Lake…from what I read in my travels that day it is quite a large lake and I likely did not see the best of it.  

Next up on my list was the Little Glass Wedding Chapel in Eureka Springs, AR.  I was very curious about this and slightly disappointed once I arrived.  It is cool but not what I expected.

This next stop was unplanned…on my way to the next stop I saw this business and I had to turn around and go back!  Some very cool stuff…not that I bought anything because my car is full with things for my travels but if you are in the area of Blue Jar Antiques in Eureka Springs, AR be sure to stop here and enjoy yourself!

Next stop Peppersauce Alley, Calico Rock, AR…this was on the rGPS app and the picture shown there made it a go-to place…I was a little disappointed when I got there though. It was supposed to be more and appeared to be abandoned buildings.  I think someone must have gutted and renovated between the time the post was made and when I arrived.  It seemed to be a nice place to live but definitely not an abandoned building. 

11 10 18 Peppersauce Alley Calico Rock AR (1 of 1)

Next stop is the East Calico Rock, AR ghost town.  I love a good ghost town! 

I have some miscellaneous photos from the drive from AR to MO…including several of the flag, some at half mast.  I am not sure why some were at half mast and the one was not. 

 So, I am at the hotel now…staying at a Doubletree in Springfield, MO.  I am here for several nights and surprise, surprise tomorrow is a down day but I will be traveling again and moving toward Mississippi once my bones are rested. I am in luck here because there is a restaurant and I don’t have to leave until I am ready! 

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See you on the road!

   “The gladdest moment in human life is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton

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