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Kancamagus Highway heading over to Lyman, ME in the rain and fog!

Well, my computer got fixed for a few minutes anyway but the battery is once again dying so I think it may be time to suck it up and buy a new one! I have had this one almost 6 years and it has treated me well up to now but it may be time to let it go…

Anyway…time to drive back up the Kancamagus Highway over to Lyman, ME. I found a cute cottage on Airbnb over in Lyman on Wadleigh Pond. A reasonably priced cottage on the water…almost like it tapped me on the shoulder and say you really should do this!

When I left Lincoln there was fog and a light drizzle. I knew it was going to rain today but was hoping it would hold off until I got into the cottage and I couldn’t do that until after 4:00. Once I got out of the National Park, the sun was attempting to come out and the rain stopped. Ten minutes from the cottage, the rain started again! I was surprised that the 2 hour drive over there took almost 3.5 hours but I did stop a few times. Well worth the extra drive time!

So…pictures start with the drive through the mountains on the Kancamagus. There is a picture of a couple who were out hiking in the drizzle with their dogs. Brrr….it was a raw day. I do love birch trees, especially in the mist!

Before entering into Maine I went through the beautiful town of Eaton, NH! I came down a hill and saw a church reflecting on the town beach…I was in awe and hoping that I would be able to pull over and get a picture or two. The mountain off to the side surrounded by fog was also reflecting in the water. I was in heaven! Then shortly after I got back on the road I came across another body of water…Purity Pond! A little bit of heaven for my brain and soul!

See the pictures with the white trail going across the water? Not 100% sure but I think it is a beaver!

Finally entered Maine! Here are just a few between entering the State and getting to Lyman...

This ends another day trip between NH and ME! Hope you loved the beauty that is New England!

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See you on the road!.thanks for traveling with me!!!

A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving. – Lao Tzu

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