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Kancamagus Highway heading over to Lyman, ME in the rain and fog!

Well, my computer got fixed for a few minutes anyway but the battery is once again dying so I think it may be time to suck it up and buy a new one! I have had this one almost 6 years and it has treated me well up to now but it may be time to let it go…

Anyway…time to drive back up the Kancamagus Highway over to Lyman, ME. I found a cute cottage on Airbnb over in Lyman on Wadleigh Pond. A reasonably priced cottage on the water…almost like it tapped me on the shoulder and say you really should do this!

When I left Lincoln there was fog and a light drizzle. I knew it was going to rain today but was hoping it would hold off until I got into the cottage and I couldn’t do that until after 4:00. Once I got out of the National Park, the sun was attempting to come out and the rain stopped. Ten minutes from the cottage, the rain started again! I was surprised that the 2 hour drive over there took almost 3.5 hours but I did stop a few times. Well worth the extra drive time!

So…pictures start with the drive through the mountains on the Kancamagus. There is a picture of a couple who were out hiking in the drizzle with their dogs. Brrr….it was a raw day. I do love birch trees, especially in the mist!

Before entering into Maine I went through the beautiful town of Eaton, NH! I came down a hill and saw a church reflecting on the town beach…I was in awe and hoping that I would be able to pull over and get a picture or two. The mountain off to the side surrounded by fog was also reflecting in the water. I was in heaven! Then shortly after I got back on the road I came across another body of water…Purity Pond! A little bit of heaven for my brain and soul!

See the pictures with the white trail going across the water? Not 100% sure but I think it is a beaver!

Finally entered Maine! Here are just a few between entering the State and getting to Lyman...

This ends another day trip between NH and ME! Hope you loved the beauty that is New England!

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See you on the road!.thanks for traveling with me!!!

A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving. – Lao Tzu

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A day trip on the Kancamagus Highway, Lincoln NH…

I have to start by saying that I can not believe it has been 5 months since I last wrote…man, am I getting lazy! 🙂 I have been on so many cool trips locally, mostly exploring Massachusetts due to Covid but now that I have had both shots of the Moderna vaccine I decided to venture out of the state.

Last Monday I left for an Airbnb in Lincoln, NH. I hadn’t been to Lincoln since I was a child and someone had posted a picture of a waterfall and I thought…”I like waterfalls” so I went on the Airbnb app and found a lovely studio condo at The Lodge at Lincoln Station and planned to explore.

Two issues with this plan…I booked too far in advance to know what the weather was going to be and I did not research the hike to the waterfall…as it turned out the weather was not going to cooperate while I was there! Monday-Thursday and Tuesday was supposed to be the best day! And the waterfall I wanted to visit…a nine mile hike! Reviews said it started out easy but towards the end you had to pretty much be at least an intermediate rock climber in order to access the waterfall. Well, I don’t do 9 miles of anything…on a really good day I might be able to do 3 miles but it has to be spread out over hours with places to sit along the way…and I am absolutely not even a beginner when it comes to rock climbing.

New plan…just head up the Kancamagus Highway and stop wherever I pleased! There is plenty to see along that very long and beautiful highway. 56+ miles of New Hampshire beauty through the White Mountains National Forest. I headed out Tuesday, rather late but just right for me, and returned right before sunset.

Here are my favorites from that daythese images include the Pemigewasset River, Lower Falls, the Swift River with its waterfall (very small compared to where I had planned to go!) and a few other areas along the highway with turnouts and parking areas.

These were not all the pictures from the day…just my favorites. More stories to follow from my trip to New Hampshire…which was supposed to end Thursday but I decided to move on to Lyman, ME because I just wasn’t ready to go home…and I found a lovely, reasonably priced Airbnb on Wadleigh Pond.

You know the routine by now….come visit me at my page on Facebook, on Instagram and at my website.  If you find something you like on my blog and you don’t find it for sale, please contact me.  I will be updating my Loving Life site removing a lot of what is for sale now and putting some new items up for sale, concentrating on note cards, magnets and prints.
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See you on the road!— thanks for traveling with me!!!

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Touring Kauai…

I had a short list of things I wanted to see driving around the island today and sadly, I kept horrible notes about what I did unexpectedly see.  I was able to look at signs in my pictures or google areas I thought I was in and figure a couple of them out but beaches…which I thought would be easier to figure out…not so much.  I do remember that I headed toward the north shore and that I stopped in Princeville for a little shopping and lunch.  But I get ahead of myself.

My hotel was fairly close to Lihue where the airport is so I decided my first stop would be Lydgate Beach Park.  From the information I had seen it would be a lovely spot to stop for a short time and take in the breeze and beauty of the area.  It was indeed!  

Another stop on my list was the Wai’oli Hui’ia Church in Hanalei.  It is a church built in 1912 but the bell is from 1834 and is beautiful.  It is also a lovely little town.  After visiting the church I went to check out the one way bridge, the Hanalei Bridge and Hanalei Valley.  The sky got dark while I was there but it never rained…at least not directly over us. The story about the bridge is interesting and if you would like more information, check out this website…

Kauai’s Historic Hanalei Bridge – Welcome to Hanalei Bay!

After leaving Hanalei Valley I decided to head to Princeville a few miles away to have some lunch and see what the shops had to offer.  I found a shopping area that had many stores and restaurants.  I have no food photos to share but I stopped at two shops on the way to the restaurant I chose and took 2 shots of things that amused me and then lunch at Tiki Iniki…the woman in the picture seated me…she was not my server.  I loved her free spirit outfit!  

A quick stop to Kapa’a to see the canal, Waika’ea Canal and beach on the other side of it, Waipouli Beach?…

Next up I was driving along and saw all of this greenery with the water and the green and blue together caught my attention so I pulled over to enjoy it for a bit. Looking at these it may actually be different areas but the metadata in the images says they were all taken around the same time so I am not sure…lovely either way.    

Another spot I stopped at spur of the moment because I saw some people surfing…or attempting to surf.  I’m not 100% sure but I think this may have been Anini Beach or maybe Shipwreck Beach…I spent quite a bit of time here before I moved on.  I don’t remember which beach it was but I do remember getting in and out of the parking area was hazardous to the health of my rental car. The truck waiting to get out of the parking area ahead of me…priceless!   

Before I post my last real spot for the day I had a small collection of images left over that don’t really go together but I don’t want to leave them out…

This brings me to the spot where I spent the most time because dusk was nearing, clouds were rolling in and the sky was beautiful with color and dark.  I might be posting too many but I guess you will judge that…this may be Shipwreck Beach, Anini Beach or some beach that I just don’t know the name of but it was the perfect place to end the day…oh, and I will be posting a video because the waves came in sideways quite a few times.  At this time I had never seen this happen before…I have twice since then…once in New Hampshire at Hampton Beach and once on the Cape.  

Video of the waves at times going sideways…2.5 minutes…I hope it works when I post!  

One the way back to the hotel I made a couple quick stops because the mountains caught my attention…

Tomorrow is my last full day in Kauai before I head home…be sure to come back to see how I spend my day!  

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See you on the road!


Dave & Deb

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A little self tour around Kauai and a little Smith’s Fern Grotto Tour…

When the river portion of the tour at Smith’s Fern Grotto Tours was canceled my first full day here we were given vouchers to use whenever we wanted before we left the island.  They said come any time and you can hop on a boat that is not full.  I decided today was going to be the day.  There are several tours per day and I opted for 11:00 so I could enjoy touring some more of the island afterward. We traveled down the Wailau River for 2 miles to reach the Fern Grotto encountering many kayaks along the way…there and back. Our boat was the Johnny-Mac.     

There was entertainment on the boat and at the Grotto…I included 2 videos…one from the Grotto and one from the boat but also some stills.  

Once we arrived at the Grotto we took a short walk down a path with some history behind the grotto…none of which I remember right now but I will post a link in case you want to check it out.  There was an area in the grotto where weddings used to be performed a very long time ago…it has somewhat caved in on itself over the decades and the can no longer perform wedding in this area but they do still have weddings.  It would be a gorgeous spot to get married!  Here are some images going down the path and inside the grotto…several small waterfalls too. Have you been to Key West?  I was absolutely amazed the first time I went at the number of chickens that roam freely down there…seems they do here too.  They are everywhere…and very pretty.

The final portion of the Grotto tour that I will post is of the beautiful flowers I saw in and around the Grotto

The whole Grotto tour takes a little less than an hour and a half so by the time we got back to Smith’s I was hungry.  I asked a few people for suggestions and was directed to a nice area where you had an option of several restaurants as well as shopping after eating.  I headed to the town of Koloa and chose Merriman’s, Gourmet Pizza and Burger’s!  Great burger but mediocre fries.  I walked around afterward and checked out some of the shops before deciding where to head next.  

I got side-tracked on my way to where I decided to go because I saw a sign.  We had seen part of this on the first day tour but I wanted to spend a little more time at Waimea Canyon.  

Next up…Spouting Horn blowhole in Poipu

A stop at the Kauai Coffee Co in Kalaheo to check out some coffee options for my son.  He LOVES a good strong dark roast coffee and this place was pretty cool.  I walked out with two 5 lb bags of coffee and some other miscellaneous products.  Oh…I also ran into the tour guide from the first full day.  He was on a tour with another group. He is the white haired gentleman below.   

Just a few more miscellaneous stops while driving around the island and I will be calling it a day.  

Tomorrow I am doing something that I thought I would never do, that my kids and my family thought I would never do…I went mud bugging! BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!  Be sure to come back! 

               You know the routine by now….come visit me at my page on Facebook, on Instagram and at my website.  If you find something you like on my blog and you don’t find it for sale, please contact me.  I will give you a quote.

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See you on the road! 


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A Napoli Coast Sunset Sail…

I took a little time to myself this morning before heading into the town of Eleele to check in for the sunset sail at Kauai Sea Tours.  After everyone gathered we walked down to the dock, put our shoes in a basket and hopped on board our Catamaran before heading out. This was a 3.5 hour sail that included dinner and drinks. Leaving the hotel I noticed for the first time the banyan trees that lined the entrance to the hotel.  Banyan trees amaze me.  

We were warned at several points going out to the end of the coast line and coming back of swells and quite a few people were sea sick.  At times it was difficult to walk out on the somewhat narrow deck and much easier to stay inside on a comfy padded bench seat holding onto a bar with dare life and yet, I still managed to get several hundred shots that day. But first…a few of the pretty flowers that were outside the tour office.  

 Time to start the tour…some of these are a bit grainy or blurry because of the constant movement of the boat but I kept them because they are still of beautiful countryside.  I only included a portion of what was taken of the coastline that day.  

A storm came in while we were out there and the captain warned us that we should hold tight because there was a large swell or two about to hit us…most everyone who was out on deck scrambled inside though a few fools did decide to stay outside…crazy!  We didn’t have life vests on…why would they risk that?  I am going to post those pictures….what you will see is not clouds through the front window of the boat…it is the wall of water that came at us, one even went up and over the top of the boat…

The plus to a storm like that is that it blows over fairly quickly and at times will even bring you rainbows…we saw a number of them throughout the day.  You typically think of rainbows as being rounded or arced but a few of these appeared to be straight up and down…

At one point as we were traveling along the coast we came up an area where there was very white sand…according to the captain it is Barking Sands, The Pacific Missile Range Facility which is a U.S. Navy base and airport.  My Dad was in the navy…wish he had been stationed here!  Pretty sweet spot! 

And then there is the sky at various stages throughout the day…with interesting clouds some with the sun trying to get through…some as we neared sunset and even one that to me looks like it has a smiling fish face in it…