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I’m calling this one…Life on Wadleigh Pond!

When it was time for me to leave Lincoln, NH I just wasn’t prepared to head home! As everyone who knows me now knows, it happens quite often and no longer surprises anyone…in fact they are surprised when I show up back home when I say I am going to! My siblings are happy I have the Life360 app so they can keep track of what I am up to…my children don’t care to know…they just expect to hear from me sooner or later…within a reasonable period of time! 🙂

I thought it would be nice to spend some time on the water vs the mountains…didn’t look (or really care) to see what the weather was going to be. I wanted to go to Maine because it was fairly close by but not to a town or area I had already been to…a pond or lake vs the ocean! When I found this place in Lyman, ME I thought the price was great and booked it so I committed to three more nights! Nothing specific I wanted to see…just enjoy being on the water and it worked out great!

Before showing you “life on Wadleigh Pond“…I want to share the cottage I stayed at! Sorry I didn’t for the Lincoln, NH location…both owner’s taken great pride in their properties…but the cottage! It’s on the water! My place of peace and soul replenishing!

Pretty cool place, huh!!

So…it rained most of the time I was in Maine…not heavy but from the moment I arrived into town-Thursday…and leaving on Sunday…Saturday became decent and I did go out to dinner but didn’t explore much. Most of my time was spent editing pictures with camera at hand prepared to take pictures when I felt a need! 🙂 A lot of these pictures show water drops though there are some from Saturday morning and Sunday morning (it did start out gloomy!) but the nature in the area…lovely! If you like birds and natural wildlife…I think you will like these…there is also a very large bird which I initially thought was an eagle but determined it was just not…just not sure what it was…an extremely large vulture? I initially discovered it when I heard the wings flapping from across the pond…through a closed window! Big Bird!! Enjoy!

I typically like a reasonable “words to photo” ratio but in this case…I am hoping “life on Wadleigh Pond” speaks for itself and you just love the photos that lack words…and of course, if you have questions/comments and I can answer them I certainly will!

It is interesting that Lyman is so close to a lot of the towns I have stayed in and visited in the past…yet I never heard of it and never visited! Definitely worth the visit!!

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See you on the road! Thanks for traveling with me!!!

A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it. –

John Steinbeck

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Home from a happy place…Maine!

Wow…long time since I wrote but part of it was because my sister and I took a wonderful vacation in Ogunquit, Maine.  After being home bound since the beginning of March both my sister and I were getting antsy to get out…she had asked me months ago to take her on a trip with me once things started opening up…if we could do so with minimal risk.  When the time came I asked her where…Maine, on the water, in an Airbnb…I did a little research on where to stay…she did a little research on the Covid situation in Maine and requirements to go there. 

Requirement #1…have a negative Covid test within 72 hours of arriving and sign a certification that you were tested and negative.  Good to go so off we went.  We went to Maine, we stayed in a lovely Airbnb at Northern Lites in Ogunquit with Phil and Marie as our hosts but not on the water. Going to Maine? Want to be in Ogunquit?  Look for Phil & Marie‘s condos…they have 3 at Northern Lites…2 studios on ground level in the same building (302 & 305) and a one bedroom across the way with a full eat-in kitchen…I can say the studios have a queen Murphy bed and a queen sleeper sofa that pulls out and sleeps two. There is a small dining area, a kitchenette with all the necessities, a bath with tub/shower, TV, AC…though we rarely used…it was just the perfect spot for us 5 minutes from Perkins Cove!  

So, we got a late start because my sister had to come to my house from Rhode Island and kept getting stuck in traffic but once we got on the road traffic was very light and we moved along quickly.  Considering it was still 4th of July vacation week, we arrived about 4:30 with an overabundance of food, clothes, pillows, blankets, sheets…brought our own bedding due to Covid rules and that was just fine with me!  I say overabundance of food because though we had the best of intentions to eat breakfast before heading out and dinner there at the end of the day…yeah, well…your on vacation!  🙂  Carried most of it back home again but the restaurants we ate at…we were supporting the local economy, precautions taken to keep everyone healthy, and the long days we put in…too tired at the end of the day to cook! 

As many times as I have been to Ogunquit and up/down Shore Rd, I had never seen or been to Perkins Cove!  I was supposed to go there in April for a morning sunrise photo shoot & print with a Hunt’s Photo employee/group but my hotel canceled my reservation what with the whole Covid thing and Hunt’s was kind enough to credit my money back.  I really wanted to do that photo shoot!!   

First sharing a few images from our Airbnb home away from home…

From our home away from home we walked a bit to Perkins Cove…though it is a small area we decided to stay here and explore this area rather than visit other areas around us…though I confess on the afternoon/night before we left we did go to visit several beaches and Old Orchard Beach and on our last day before heading home we went to Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  I don’t think I have ever been there but I kept feeling like I had…if I did, I have no memory.  

I was on the fence about whether or not to combine this with the post about the first full day but all days going forward were pretty busy.  We did a tour on the Finestkind to Nubble Lighthouse…got a whole new view of it by water, we did a sailboat ride on Silverlining on a foggy morning sail, we walked around and visited a lot of the shops, made some purchases, visited a museum, found some metal sculptures on private property while trying to find something else, you know…too much to share in one post!  

So, for now I will end this post…be sure to come back for the rest of the trip!  

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See you on the road!
— Love you all…thanks for traveling with me!!!