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All aboard…a fall foliage train ride from RI to CT…

I did a fall foliage trip several years ago which was a combination of bus and train in several areas.  This was a trip with a fairly large group and we all met in Waltham, MA and headed up to New Hampshire, over to Vermont, down to the Cape and eventually back to Waltham.  It was an awesome adventure over several days and I met many interesting people.  

My friend didn’t join me on that trip and she thought this train ride on the Providence & Worcester train to see fall foliage and a enjoy a pumpkin festival in Putnam, CT at the end would be a wonderful way to spend a day…she was right!  It was a perfect fall day and though the foliage started out with minimal color it got prettier as we approached and went through Worcester, MA and further south to CT.  This was about an 8 hr day.  We had to meet for the train at about 9 AM and since I am not a morning person I used some Hilton points to book a  room at the Hampton Inn in Smithfield, RI which would get us up and out in time. A plus to this location was the fact there was a nice restaurant within walking distance, Laura’s.  Win/win! 

Our location was changed due to a conflict.  We had a very large group hopping on the train and we were a little confused to find out we were meeting at a VFW and lining up into several groups but there was no train station…hmm!  Eventually we heard a train and discovered we were going in groups to walk up the street to get on the train waiting on the tracks.  And off we went…

Before I forget…Santa was on the train!  I changed his image to black and white because…well, he did have red in his floral Hawaiian shirt so this will help keep him incognito!  ๐Ÿ™‚  Remember…it is October and even Santa is entitled to a little down time enjoying fall foliage…and what better place than New England!  

10 19 19 Santa on the Providence & Worcester dining car (1 of 1)

Going through Worcester by train is interesting and much more fun than attempting to drive around Worcester…I dislike driving in Worcester almost as much as I dislike driving in Boston!  But by train…I got to see parts I would never see in a car. One of these days I might have to take a train ride across country…or maybe half the country…it is on my bucket list!  I will call the blog “Life through a Train Window.”  ๐Ÿ™‚   

I have well over 100 images from the train ride of the fall foliage and the ponds, lakes & rivers along the way.  I am not hesitant to post all 100+ but I want to post fewer so you can truly enjoy a New England fall day.  I hope I don’t post too many…or not enough!  Enjoy fall in my corner of the world!  

And then we arrive in Putnam, CT for the Pumpkin Festival…enjoy!  We did! I am not a fan of large crowds and generally avoid them at all costs but today was fun, walking around town, having lunch at a local restaurant, enjoying some music, street acts, all sizes of pumpkins, Halloween decorations, a church flea market, etc.  Fun day!   

When all this fun was over and we arrived back in RI my friend and I went to Lindy’s Tavern to join my sister for dinner.  My sister introduced me to Lindy’s in 2015…the food is amazing.  In the original location you sometimes had to wait 30-45 minutes or more. This was the first time I had been at the new location and we basically walked right in and sat down.  The new place is nice…it just doesn’t have the ambiance the old place did…you know…small, tables close together, noisy…loved it!  But the food is still delicious and that is what matters!  If you think you might be in the area and want to check it out…

And this ends my last trip of 2019.  I will be posting my 2020 trips, limited though they were, before the world got quarantined.  I am looking forward to the day I can start traveling again…hopefully very soon!  Thank you for traveling with me! i truly appreciate you coming along! 

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See you on the road!

Our footprints always follow us on days when itโ€™s been snowing. They always show us where weโ€™ve been, but never where weโ€™re going. โ€“ Winnie the Pooh 

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The journey begins so come travel with me!

February 14, 2018

So, new day/new trip and I have to confess I love sky shots from my starting destination to landing and back again…I certainly hope you do to and that you don’t get frustrated with my love of the sky and how interesting the terrain looks as you travel from city to city, state to state, urban to rural.  Today’s adventure is beginning in Boston (my home base) and ending in Greensboro, NC.  I picked this destination because on the day I was trying to decide where to go next I watched 4 shows on TV throughout the day that were all coincidentally based in Greensboro so I checked my favorite “go-to” places to see what might be going on in that area.   

My first “go-to” has always been TripAdvisor.  This site just offers so much information!  I don’t look here to find hotels because my go-to hotel is the Hilton chains…I am rarely disappointed with the option of locations available where I want to go.  If Hilton doesn’t have a hotel where I want to go then I rely on TripAdvisor to help me out.  My next “go-to” place to check if I want to go someplace is my rGPS app.  I can’t remember how I came upon this app but it is the best for seeing what is within a 75 mile range for “really great photo shots” (get it rGPS).  Having checked out both these apps I moved onto book my airline ticket – go to for me is American Airlines – and then to my Hilton app to book my hotel.  Car rental options are a coin toss but I have started using Orbitz to book and generally with Enterprise.  Everything I needed booked so time to get on-board the plane!  

So…we get shots from above on the first day of travel!!  Sorry in advance though I did delete over 50 pictures I am still including a lot.  Confession…I do have trouble at times editing myself!  I have been told and I don’t disagree…when I am taking pictures I need to really think about whether or not I have already taken the best shot of any one thing and perhaps stop myself if I think I have (I don’t always listen to myself ๐Ÿ™‚ ).  


    Traveling is not something you’re good at.  It’s something you do.  Like breathing!

                                                       -Gayle Foreman-


Bryce Canyon (66 of 76)

Thanks for joining me!  Though I love traveling alone I do enjoy knowing that family and friends are traveling along with me and enjoying my travels as I move from one point to another gathering the best of nature I can access where I travel.  I typically post my photos on social media but family and friends have been encouraging me to set up a blog for quite some time now.  I decided today to pull the trigger.  

I have traveled for many years and been to many places I have loved but I wasn’t as into photography as I have been the last few years.  I don’t always travel far but when I choose a destination (sometimes kind of like throwing a dart at a map to see where I will end up though I have never actually thrown the dart!) I know there will be wonderful locations for me to enjoy and get the best pictures I can.   

My cover photo and the photos below are from a visit to Bryce Canyon last March.  What an amazingly stunning place to photograph nature!  I am not sure I will make it back there again some day but I now have the pictures and memories now locked away in my memory bank and can go there in my mind whenever I want.  

That is part of the joy of traveling.  With so many destinations on the bucket list you need only visit some place once and it will be in your memory bank forever.  So, if you don’t get to travel yourself, please come along on my journeys with me!  I won’t always take you to the most exciting locales but I will take you to some very lovely places. 



Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. โ€” Izaak Walton